4 Google Apps For Your Smartphone That Every Traveler Needs

The world can be a scary place. Especially if you are traveling alone to destinations that you have never been to before. Knowing where you are, how to get places, and staying in contact with friends and family back home will make your travels less scary and more enjoyable. Google has designed great apps to fill all of these needs.

1. Google Maps

Getting lost can lead to exciting times while traveling but not being able to find your way home can be terrifying. Google has created one of the best mapping systems the world has ever seen. With street view, GPS locator, and travel routes finding your way back to where you need to be is only a finger touch away.

2. Google Now

This is one of the newest apps developed by Google. Google Now works in conjunction with Google Search but goes the extra mile. Google Now locates where you are in the world and provides you with updated news, weather, and traffic information for the region you are visiting. You can also set it up to keep you informed of the latest news and sports stories back so you never have to miss a beat.

3. Google Hangout

You might think Hangout is just like every other messaging system out there but it’s not. Google Hangout has a ton of great features. The best outside of the instant messaging is the video chat feature. It is free and easy to use and anyone who has a Google account can use it. Perfect for when you’re feeling a little homesick and want to see the face of that special someone.

4. Google Voice

You might be saying why do you need Google Voice if I have Hangouts. Here’s why, Google Voice gives you your own personal telephone number. You can forward your phone’s existing number to your Google Voice number so you will be able to receive texts and calls if your provider doesn’t give you access where you are. In the unfortunate event your phone is stolen or lost you can still access your texts and voicemails from any computer.

These four apps come standard on many Android devices and are free to download. If you don’t see them on your smartphone head over to the play store or app store and download them. Making your travels less complicated will allow you to focus more on the world around you so you won’t miss the fun and exciting stuff.